Can We Really Be Free In This Economy?

This Economy Is Getting Worse Every Day!

Alberto Lazaro


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This economy is collapsing and is not looking good for the middle class or lower class.

Even the higher class is worried as this might be the biggest collapse in history.

This could even be a chance to start all over and get ahead of everybody else.

Some people are saying this is a start to change your life for the better, Is this true or are we too ambitious?

The Economy

Today the economy is doing pretty bad, I mean have you seen the news lately?

The major banks are collapsing which is not good for us which means we are about to be in a bad situation.

This could mean you lose your job or even just can’t afford anything because of how things are going.

This Year people are going to be tested in the worst way possible the question is can you survive this?

What to do if you’re not ready for this year?

First off you need to look at where all your money is going because right now you are going to need it.

Next, get rid of things that are wasting your time and money like Netflix just one example.

Once that is done this is where you need to sit down and figure out how to get rid of as much debt as possible.

Don’t forget to have money in your saving account you may need it later this year.

As always figure out how to create new income streams this can be anything really even just writing on medium can work.

You can start investing in stocks, crypto, ETC If you’re willing to take the risk.

It’s that simple just get to work and figure this out because it’s going to get worse and worse before it gets better.

My Final Thoughts

So I have been focusing on getting rid of debt and building my online authority.

It’s a little hard to do but I'm giving it my all because I can lose my job so quickly that it scares me a little.

Personally, I know people that have already lost their jobs and are struggling.

I just don’t want to be in this position and I don’t want to see you guys like that either.

So even if this is getting worse you know that I will be giving it my all to stay healthy and stable in life and you should be doing the same.

Thanks for reading and please state your opinion in the comments section.

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