Should you be scared?

This economy is terrible and it’s only getting worse!

Alberto Lazaro


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The Economy is terrible

Did you notice? I hope you did because people are getting laid off from work and losing houses.

Prices are high on everything there are shortages of food and other essential things we need to live.

If you haven't then you’re living under a rock, That being said you need to be prepared because it’s not over.

Start saving Now!

What do I mean? Will you need to have money put away in a savings account.

At least have 3 to 6 months' worth of money or more, You also need to have more than one income source your job may be gone by the time you’re reading this.

Make sure you’re paying off debt because this can ruin your life, So stop using credit cards and loans and start saving money.

Multiple Streams of Income are essential!

Sit down and start figuring out how you can make money on the side, This will be up to you whether it’s online or physical product.

A few things you can get started are e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Trading in the markets, writing books or e-books, and Really whatever you enjoy doing.

Lastly, you need to be putting money away for investments and start investing.

This could be stocks, real estate, crypto, or whatever would be easier for you to invest in.

Always remember to do your research and don't invest in anything you don’t know about.

The best way to start is to put money in a stock portfolio and then start a small business.

Before you go crazy all I’m saying is to start something small like writing online or promoting products on social media that's what I mean by starting a small business.

My Thoughts!

Look right now I’m working on paying off debt and creating content online and promoting products.

So I can be better in the future I am also investing some of my money so that I can create passive income.

all I am saying is to prepare before the worse happens and I don't want to see you guys struggle.

best of luck out there and if you want click the link down below it may help you put!

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