When is it enough?

Alberto Lazaro
2 min readDec 15, 2022

Do you keep going after you win at a slot machine?

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What do I mean when I ask is not enough?

It’s straightforward when you win 300 dollars at a casino you need to stop gambling and go home.

Use this with your life when you watch tik tok videos and waste all your time, you need to learn to say no it’s enough that’s it.

Financial life is Important!

The art of saying no or enough is enough can also be suitable for your financial life.

When you learn to say no to your money, you will learn to stop wasting it on things you don't need, and learn to invest and multiply your money instead of maxing out all your fancy credit cards.

Saying no to your credit cards is a big step forward in your financial situation.

Because using credit cards are bad if you think they are just a piece of plastic that buy you stuff you don’t need, most people don’t even know how to use credit cards.

Yes in this world you need credit but you don’t need maxed-out credit cards!

The best advice with credit cards is just to keep them below 30% and learn to say no that’s enough.

The key is simplicity!

Keep it simple don’t just say no to everything you must keep it simple and start taking some things out of your life.

Mostly the things that are ruining your life physically and mentally such as social media, go check out the post I did about that and I bet you will delete all of your social media apps.

So get out there start saying no and keep it simple Don’t be afraid to improve your life and stop following the crowd!

Closing thoughts!

Now that you know that it’s ok to say no the best thing I can say is to just improve your life in every way you can.

Don’t do things because one person tells you to or because you want to seem cool, Don’t follow the crowd, and who cares what other people think, enjoy your life, and don't waste it on social media or paying off debt.

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